This is our story

In our call a few days ago, Malachite and I read our previous Skype exchanges from 4 months ago, and were amazed by how much we’ve progressed in our relationship! Although we are not officially together yet, there’s no denying that we have indeed gotten very close to one another in over a little less than 5 months.

Malachite and I have always teased each other about who did the first moves and was the more assertive of us two. Now as regards our first voice call, we were both clear on who initiated the first ring, but were a bit amiss of the precise details of that event. As we look back on our exchanges, it became apparent that though I (blue) was the one who expressly suggested it, Malachite (gray) insinuated that we do a voice call first, and here’s the evidence 😛 :

voice screenchot

After much talk on the subject of “voice,” Malachite phoned me for 23 seconds introducing himself. I laughed more than I spoke in that call since I was super shy–I never talked to a male stranger on the phone before! He called again when he arrived home from school, and I read to him the lyrics of the song It’s Not Over Yet which was one of his picks as his favorite song at that time (his favorite song/s vary from time to time). The call was meant to be an abrupt one with me reciting the lyrics just so Malachite could hear what my voice (and not my laugh) actually sounded like, but he insisted that we talk because, well, we’re already on the phone! (Now who’s the assertive one?! 😛 ) Our second call lasted for 1:21:26 hours, and our call time has since become longer and longer and longer. Now, a day without a call is rare and makes us miss each other like crazy.

Malachite and I both agree that it feels nice to reminisce our moments together. We built tcmstories for the same reason. One day in our honeymoon in Maldives, we will sit and look back at some of our posts as we delight at the soothing sea breeze. When we hit our 40s and become busy bees as the bosses of our respective organizations, we will rest on our couch one Friday night and read posts from 10 years ago. The world around us will change immensely as time passes, but this blog will give us nothing but familiarity…because this is our story, this is us.

We also hope to pass our stories along to our children and grand children, so they will see how cheesy their parents and grandparents are :P.


On Skype screen share, we set up this site together yesterday. When we finally had it up and live, we played around with some customization. Unlike me, it is Malachite’s first time using a blogging platform. Not all buttons/functions worked out for him yesterday, so he grew a bit peeved (oops!). We both are perfectionists, and the way this site looked initially was not something that hit our standards. To ease his disappointment about how our site looked, I promised Malachite to do some site makeover. After hours of mixing and matching, trials and errors, lo and behold…our first layout for a site that will run for a lifetime.

hello layout


Here you go my dear Malachite. I hope you like it 😀

To memories kept, shared, and passed on…



4 thoughts on “This is our story

  1. Thank you Celeste you are so sweet to me. You did an amazing job with the design for our cover picture I appreciate it so much 🙂 I still stand by my side of the story in saying that it was your idea for our first call 😉 lol

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    1. Thank you Roman and Jesci! Malachite and I visited your blog and thought that you as well are a very lovely couple! We pray that your relationship grow strong despite the distance between the two of you. -Celeste

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