Data & Malachite

Dear Malachite,

Before I start working again on my trivago data set, I just want to thank you for being the most supportive partner in the world. Unemployment is tough for everyone, and more so for me who has been focused on “establishing a career” since preparatory school.

When I was a kid, there is nothing more I want in life than to make my father proud. He bragged about me with his colleagues because of how well I did in school. Albeit costly, he sent us to a good school because he believed that we deserved nothing less. He was the most excited person when he got to go up the stage to don medals on his daughters. Achievement has since taken a deeper meaning in my heart.

Looking at the other side of the coin, quitting a high-paying job is the opposite of achievement. You face uncertainty, and deal with doubts from within yourself and from other people. You’re always having to take defense and assert that to quit is the right choice. You’re at the bottom, not on top. What’s more is lack of work itself is dehumanizing–it crushes morale and potentially defeats a person. It puts the unemployed in a state of confusion, and is like a parasite that eats a person to hollowness.

But God seemed to have said, “Come on, Malachite. Let’s come to Celeste’s safeguard.”

You have walked with me through it all, and made me look at the better side of the coin. You have convinced me that quitting my job is not a loss but a launch forward. You cheer me up when I’m down, and encourage me when negativity looms over. Unemployment has never been this gratifying; and instead of confusion, this phase in my life only brought me clarity–that Malachite will certainly be at Celeste’s side in good times and more so in bad. Always.

So as a huge opportunity comes in view, I want to thank you. Despite the difficulties of finding The Job, my heart is filled with gratitude because you and God teamed up to bring happiness in an otherwise hopeless period of life.

Thank you so much for everything. This is for us.




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