Pi & Despondence

I am waiting for Malachite to wake up with a mug of red wine beside me. I must have finished a third of a bottle. I’ve just finished watching the movie Life of Pi in my attempt to understand the whole thing the second time around. The first time I watched it was in the big … More Pi & Despondence

I believe in You

My Celeste, As you prepare for your interview this evening I just wanted to write a short message of support for you. I know you’ll do well in your interview. 🙂 Be yourself and show that you are a passionate and hard working person who has what it takes to work at trivago. You are … More I believe in You

Topic Of the Week exclusive on the TCM Blog!!!

For the sake of the readers of this blog, our future children and grandchildren, and ourselves, we have thought of a way to maintain our blog’s activity amid busy schedules and to enhance our blogging experience. We are starting on this blog a regular posting task called Topic Of the Week, or TOW as we like to call it. As the … More Topic Of the Week exclusive on the TCM Blog!!!

His cheerleader

“Every LDR couple know it is difficult, but if both of you genuinely want it, you’ll find ways to make your relationship work…and you become creative too!” Yesterday afternoon, Malachite battled out two 5.0-level men’s doubles matches in an amateur USTA tennis tournament together with his tennis buddy JF. I probably am more frantic than he is … More His cheerleader

I just turned 24! And here’s how I celebrated it…

By now I’ve gotten used to placing 23 in the “Age” box and saying the same when asked. Yesterday (8th of September) I officially turned 24 and so I have to retrain my brain to assume so. No pressure, I have a year to do some reorientation XD CHANGES OVER THE YEARS From when I was young to … More I just turned 24! And here’s how I celebrated it…

Three big words

Today I heard the words that I shall remember forever. Malachite finally said it to me. The tone, volume, intonation–everything in the way he said it for the first time is etched in the deep corners of my brain. I can hear it play in my head exactly how he uttered them, and every time it makes … More Three big words

Am I ready?

THE BRITNEY SPEARS SYNDROME A.K.A. THE “LUCKY” I’ve never had a boyfriend, and in three days I will turn 24. It no longer surprises me that this fact surprises people. I have gotten too many “No kidding?” and “You gotta be lying!” to react any differently. In fact I have crafted the best answer when I deal … More Am I ready?