His cheerleader

“Every LDR couple know it is difficult, but if both of you genuinely want it, you’ll find ways to make your relationship work…and you become creative too!”

Yesterday afternoon, Malachite battled out two 5.0-level men’s doubles matches in an amateur USTA tennis tournament together with his tennis buddy JF. I probably am more frantic than he is about the whole tournament thing XD. As he claimed, since he started competing in high school Malachite has never been actually nervous playing on the courts. This is a refreshing state of mind, and enviable if you will, for someone who always gets nervous whenever she plays. Doh!

We’ve always claimed that I am Malachite’s good luck charm. So before their first match at 3PM, I initiated a surprise video call as soon as he woke up to send him good vibes before he grinds it out there on the courts. It’s way past midnight in my time–but being in long distance for more than 5 months now, we’ve done a pretty good job making the time difference work for us. We talked for almost two and a half hours before he grabbed lunch and got ready for their matches.

Selfie sent to Malachite over Skype after our video call

Yes an LDR is tough because only the visual and auditory senses are available at the couple’s disposal, missing out on the other three which can viably enhance the relationship. However, with VoIP communication (Thanks Skype! ⭐ ) becoming available since some two decades ago, we see a proliferation of relationships over geographical boundaries as it’s become more convenient, if not easy, to work out at least the communication aspect in the relationship. After all, what is physical proximity if communication is poor? Every LDR couple know it is difficult, but if both of you genuinely want it, you’ll find ways to make your relationship work…and you become creative too!

I cannot tell how much I wish I was there in the bleachers to support Malachite. I’d been telling him that had we been in the same city, I would have prepared the cooler with all his fuel and recovery drinks, as well as extra shirts and a gym towel for him! I’ll be his #1 fan and cheerleader, as he blows a flying kiss from the courts up to the bleachers, “This one’s for you, baby!” 😎 But with a good 8000 miles separating us, I resolved to pulling out my creative hat to show my support for my handsome player with the sign pictured above. As I do, Malachite always appreciates even the smallest things I do for him, so he couldn’t be more thrilled with my cheer sign! I would see his grin each time I hold up the sign in front of the camera. Malachite doesn’t need to hear my “Give me a G, G! Give me an O, O! Go, go, go Malachite!” in the stands to know that I’m there for him.

You see you can list 100 reasons why your long distance relationship may fail, but you can always find a thousand ways to make it work. LDR can be fun!

Malachite and JF eventually lost 2 of their 3 matches against players of unquestionable tennis calibre, experience, and age. He went home not exactly hyped with the results, but when he heard my voice everything became fine. There weren’t any lost matches, sore arm, or bruised toe. With his Cheerleader, everything becomes alright.


P.S. I’m praying for your third match tomorrow, Malachite! You and Novak (US Open 2016) will each take a match for yourselves 😛 because I believe in both of you and because my charm works lol!