Topic Of the Week exclusive on the TCM Blog!!!

For the sake of the readers of this blog, our future children and grandchildren, and ourselves, we have thought of a way to maintain our blog’s activity amid busy schedules and to enhance our blogging experience. We are starting on this blog a regular posting task called Topic Of the Week, or TOW as we like to call it.

As the name implies, we will post our thoughts, insights, and/or comments on a certain topic we’ve mutually decided on each week. Depending on our everyday responsibilities outside this blog, we can decide to miss a week. However we will try our best to squeeze in some time to write something for TOW.


Subject. The topic can be a phrase, a concept or a theory, a relevant global news, a person, a quote, an experience, or a question–the options are boundless!

Surprise. Malachite and Celeste will each write something about the TOW. Apart from the topic itself, we cannot talk about what we have or will write in our TOW post while it’s still underway. In other words, Malachite shouldn’t be privy to Celeste’s unpublished TOW post, and vice versa. Everything from the title down to the content will be known to the other once (and not prior) the post is published on the TCM blog. Hints are allowable but no cheating 😜

Timing. Malachite and Celeste have the entire week to think about and write their TOW posts. We want this to be an enjoyable activity, so we are not putting too much pressure on meeting a certain deadline. Publishing posts cannot be awfully late though–which is surely not going to be a problem for both of us.

Collection. We started this blog so that we don’t get bored in our rocking chairs when we grow old drinking our ginger tea in our porch together ❤. tcmstories is essentially our couple’s diary. TOW posts should be treated as regular posts but are compiled together in the Category “Topic Of the Week (TOW),” and listed on the Page “Topic Of the Week” which is located at the top of this website.

Retrospect. Like our other posts, we will look back on it  weeks, months, years, or decades later. TCM will have reading sessions together, and will have fun!

We hope you enjoy our TOW posts as much as we’re going to! So have fun reading!

-Malachite & Celeste 👫💕



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