What’s up?

Malachite and I have both been caught up with a lot of things lately which explains why our blog has seen no progress for almost 2 months.

Malachite has been busy with school, and I have been helping him as best as I could. He’s been getting good marks for which I am very proud, whereas I pushed deep in my trivago application but fell at the final interview against another candidate. I am still struggling to get the job. Our careers sit on the opposite side of the spectrum it seems, but our circumstances have only made our relationship stronger. A few times the instability of my emotions caused by the unemployment threatened our relationship, but Malachite has been the most considerate, persistent, and understanding partner in the whole world–I have to say.

Within the past 2 months, our relationship has grown immeasurably. We started opening up different dimensions in our relationship which, if anything, have only made us more committed with one another. Perhaps 4 months ago our relationship was characterized by all sunshine and rainbows for the most part, but now I see more imperfections than before–but there isn’t a perfect relationship, is it? At the end of the day, it is a question of love. Do you love the other person with all your heart? Malachite loves me with all his heart as I love him with all my heart.

So what’s up?

Malachite is going steady, and I still cannot get a job that I want. Malachite would get swamped with school work, and I would help him go through a hectic week. I would get beaten up by the aches of unemployment, and he would nurse my wounds. Every single day that passes makes it harder and harder for us to imagine not being with each other. Love keeps the balance.


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