My MM Opinions

So after 7.1.5 hit many of us MM hunters swapped away from the sidewinder build and have gone to either the trickshot build or the “meme” build depending on personal preferences. After a few weeks of adjusting to the changes as well as raiding in the Nighthold I’m curious as to what other MM hunters like as well as dislike about the current play style of MM? For myself:

Dislikes – 

1. RNG with vulnerable – I know this one has been expressed in the community quite a bit. Our damage has been tuned around us having vulnerable on the target so when we get a bit of bad luck and don’t get a proc, or you don’t get them at the right time, it feels punishing almost. I will say that with the increase amount of procs in 7.1.5 I don’t feel this as often as before, but nevertheless the problem still remains at certain times.

2. Gear dependency – I feel that for MM the tier set bonuses, the Convergence of Fate trinket, as well as the legendary boots all have a drastic impact on the spec. Personally I feel that trueshot gives us control of our damage in the sense that we control our procs and how we utilize them. Being able to use trueshot more often feels incredibly powerful, but that ability to have a lower trueshot cooldown is locked behind gear that some players may never obtain.

Likes – 

1. Versatility – This is a big thing for me. I really enjoy the ability of MM to swap talents around for whatever the situation presented would be. Single target, 2-3 target cleave, burst AoE, and spread out AoE can all be done by MM with just a change of our talents. I enjoy making use of more of our talents whereas before we were kind of locked in with the sidewinder build to a set selection almost regardless of the fight.

2. Pace – Probably one of the main reasons I hear about why some people don’t enjoy BM as much is the downtime as well as the pace of the spec. “BM feels slow” is a common statement when discussing BM. With MM I don’t feel that way at all. I feel like for the most part you are always doing something, and with the move away from the sidewinder build we once again have control over our focus regen. We have very slight downtime now and I personally enjoy going back to a play style where I’m using something almost every global.

So those are my main likes and dislikes of the MM play style in 7.1.5. What are yours? I’m curious to hear what other MM hunters like as well as dislike at the moment.


One thought on “My MM Opinions

  1. Sweetheart this may seem like a simple matter but I am extremely proud of you for posting this on the WOW forum 🎉🎆😁. You have played WOW for five years, and I remember even back when I was in Japan you would talk to me at length explaining how the game works, and giving your input here and there even though you know that you are talking to a flop computer gamer who only played SIMS, Minesweeper, and Solitaire lol. You are fully aware that I may not totally comprehend everything that you say, but you tell ’em to me anyway because you don’t have much of a choice 😝

    Playing WOW is your hobby and, like any other hobbies, it has taken a special space in your brain. However, you more often than not keep all these insights you have about the game up there, particularly about the hunter spec, because of your timid personality towards people you don’t personally know or aren’t very close with. Not being able to “release” an abundance of ideas out in the open can be restrictive and unrewarding–and it may not be huge deal but it is a kind of frustration or weight that becomes burdensome once in a while.

    You have never published a thorough post about your opinions on the forum like this one, and I understand why you’ve been shillyshallying before I pushed you and gave you the green light. “Maybe I should wait for a few more weeks until other MMs have formed their opinions on this”–this was just one of the many excuses you’ve been blundering out of fear and self-doubt. I honestly was just shaking my head for every excuse you utter, but I do completely understand your behavior because I know the depths of you; which is why I do not consider this a small matter but instead a feat of “coming out of your shell,” as I said earlier in our call.

    In the Table Topics session at the Toastmasters meeting this Tuesday, one of the love quotes included was a remark by Audre Lorde: “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

    In the ten months that we’ve been growing our relationship, differences about our personalities, the way we think and do things, etc. come up–sometimes obscurely, other times more obviously. What I notice about us–which I admire and am grateful for–is we make a conscious effort to understand the other, and recognize, accept, and celebrate our differences. Whereas I am aggressive, you are passive. I am forthright about my opinions, and you are reserved. These differences and more only make us perfect for one other for we complement each other like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s one of the things that make TCM a power couple 😉

    So when you are unsure and hesitant about something you want to do, your other half is just here encouraging you, and celebrating your genius.

    Again, good job on this post on the WOW forum Sweetheart! This is just a start, keep ’em coming 😉

    I love you very much ❤

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