24 Things on Your 24th Birthday

Dear My Love,

Happy 24th Birthday! I hope you receive your package in time for your birthday, but if you don’t I prepared a mini poem for you. You know some of these from our earlier call, but this is overall a better version. I hope you like it! I love you!

24 things that make You the best man in the world.

1. You are handsome when you’re clean shaven, or with a  five o’clock shadow too! But you’re way more than good looks, telling bravado, or cute hairdo.
2. Girls miss how special your personality is but of course, “finders keepers,” and I get to be yours 😝
3. You make me laugh in your spontaneous ways and geeky humor.
4. You cheer me up when I’m sad, hold me when I cry. How can I not adore?
5. You always know what to say and when to say it–truly a natural diplomat.
6. Extremely sweet and affectionate, your promise of commitment came with a diamond carat!
7. Your heart is full of compassion.
8. You show me your true self without a hint of pretension.
9. You’re also very loving of your parents and younger brother.
10. How many men do what you do–kissing your mom’s cheek at a night’s slumber?
11. You are a Catholic by heart, faith, and action;
12.You taught me how to believe in God’s will in absolute submission.
13. You do not make enemies, and forgive easily.
14. You admit you’re not perfect and always strive to be better.
15. You protect me, and like watching over me as I sleep.
16. You don’t care if I wake up with drool, you still think I’m your beautiful.
17. You’re my genius future Accountant, gets As everywhere.
18. Also great at tennis, a fanatic of Federer.
19. You couldn’t care less that we are miles apart.
20. You’re loyal and committed to me with all your heart.
21. You complement and complete me in more ways than one.
22. You showed me the kind of Love in 1 Corinthian.
23. My life became more grounded and happier deep to the core. You’re so perfect for me, I couldn’t ask for anything more.
24. You are the best man in this world, there can’t be anyone better. I love you every day, always, and forever.


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