April Fool’s/Full’s Day

April Fool’s

Malachite has been planning his April Fool’s “prank” for Celeste some weeks leading up to April 1st. But true to his person, a man of honesty and sincerity, Malachite reveals his prank even before he pulls it 😆 I would have wanted him to go all the way, but I know very well the man I love.

Meanwhile, besides a supposed prose that I will write for him I make no plans to prank Malachite… until in the middle of an 8-hour call an opportunity opens itself.

“No secrets!” Malachite reminds me not to keep anything from him. “What if I am keeping something big from you,” I go on telling. Now I am not a good actor. In several occasions I find myself close to bursting into laughter pulling this prank, only Malachite has taken the bait and starts putting on a serious face. “I’ll tell you in person when you’re here in the summer,” I decoy in mischief. There’s a trick to bait-and-reel. “No, tell me now. I want to know everything about you.” You see what I am saying? I tell Malachite that I was adopted from Japan: Why do you think I do not look like my relatives? Why do you think I had no problems getting into the law firm in Japan? I tell Malachite evidence that may corroborate my lie but Malachite starts smelling the prank the moment I said I was adopted. He does not buy it.

Nevertheless the prank continues and in the first few minutes of April 1st Texas Time, I yell “April Fool’s!”

April “Full’s”

Malachite and I both grasp that long distance is difficult, but not impossible. In fact over the course of our relationship, we both have turn to some creative ways to make up for the lack of daily physical touch/presence available to  a “typical” couple.

Dear My Love,

Our anniversary is approaching! I am hoping to start our anniversary month with lots and lots of L-O-V-E. There’s a song by Keira Knightley that almost literally relates to today’s festivity. It’s entitled “Like A Fool”. I had planned to sing it for you, but then I realized that we’re crazy in love with each other, but not exactly fools (plus I don’t like the original lyrics lol) so I decided to change it up a bit.

I know it’s not perfect but I hope you appreciate it. It’s a 2 and 35-min version of our one year’s love story.

And oh, after you listen to the song check your mailbox. You should see something in there. Here’s another lie for you my love: “I am helping my roommate crunch her sales data.” No I was not 😜 I stayed up late doing something else for my boyfriend. April Fool’s!!!

“Someone will come at your doorstep, remember? Well I think you missed the delivery man. Woops!


Love A Full

You took a chance from the start of time
And put your big heart on the line
And you have put in 30 bucks on potential mate
Falls in love to her all the way.

Takes a fine time to have her trustin’ other guys.
But your pure heart has made her
Believe you and your charm
Cause you have taken
This young woman’s breath away.
And she falls for you just the same

Finally screams out
She’s The One
Been prayin’ to God that she comes along
And you lavish her with
A love that’s pure and true
She also loves you just the same

And everday you show her what true love can do
And now she likewise “Love A Full”

Happy April Fool’s Day, My Love! I love you!


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