Random note of love: couple-Nikes

Hi M,

Today we’ve spent over an hour deciding what design of couple-Nikes we’ll get. You were so confused and exhausted, and kept asserting that “shoe shopping” was difficult. Well it is I must say. But as I comforted and threw you kisses on the screen, in my head I smiled unfadingly.

It surprises and delights me thinking that however little or uncritical a matter is, we are always beside each other supporting the other all the way without inhibitions or judgement. It’s become almost absolute that we got each other’s back. We are each other’s best friend, and I am so blessed to have met and be marrying the man I consider my best friend.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if we’re getting the white one with blue speckles on the heels, the neon yellow and blue one, or the gray with mango-colored Nike swoosh. I want a matching pair of shoes, and I want us to wear it together. People who would care to notice us wearing couple-Nikes will either find it cute or wince at the corniness of the matchy-matchy display. I’m just deeply in bliss and so proud to be M’s partner, companion, match – and it will show.

I love you, and let’s continue picking out the best design for the TCM couple this week, OK?


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