When in Singapore

I am here at the Study Lounge of the National Library of Singapore trying to make my day a little more productive by stepping out of my aunt’s place. A little less than two weeks ago I flew to Singapore without an itinerary and, much less, a clear reason why am I jet-setting—if you may … More When in Singapore

Pi & Despondence

I am waiting for Malachite to wake up with a mug of red wine beside me. I must have finished a third of a bottle. I’ve just finished watching the movie Life of Pi in my attempt to understand the whole thing the second time around. The first time I watched it was in the big … More Pi & Despondence

When you find a man who does these, never let him go

THROUGH IT ALL My trivago application has been keeping me busy lately. So far, the circumstances that have gone along with it have not been the most ideal: I failed in my attempt to record myself for the first unsupervised interview (online); I had to deal with the typhoon; with stress and meagerly rest daily (2-3 hrs/day) I easily went down with German measles … More When you find a man who does these, never let him go

Like vs. Need

Dear Celeste, So tonight you mentioned an interesting quote, “Do you need me because you love me or do you love me because you need me”. Essentially the quote is trying to determine if the need is the product of the love, or the other way around the love the product of the need. I … More Like vs. Need