Our Story

This is the story of boy meets girl.

Malachite HEXI had been single for several years without any real luck at finding that special someone. I’m not the most outgoing guy so meeting women wasn’t the easiest task for me. I eventually decided to try an online dating website, Catholic Match. After a few weeks of being on the site I got a message from someone and proceeded to talk to her over the next couple of months. However this relationship didn’t last very long and came to an abrupt end. My Catholic Match profile remained dormant over the next several months with little to no involvement from me until one day I received an email saying that I have a message from someone.

Celeste HEX

What could go wrong? I was in Japan with a comfortable life sustained by a high paying job. Everyday I looked dandy in my pencil skirt and stilettos. My office was fancy and the fast world around me seemed like a cradle for a promising career ahead. But I was miserable. The work culture, the people, the job were all a bad fit–they had been from the start, I just chose to turn a blind eye. I constantly looked for ways to create my opportunities in the firm hoping that one day it all becomes right, but one can never square a circle. Feigning a positive facade, I was rotting underneath. I had been losing who I really was and what I was capable of. I didn’t like what I was doing, and where I was heading. I  became depressed and before long confusion led me astray. God  however works in mysterious ways, and soon I snapped out of the gloom. I proactively looked for some guidance that’s Catholic in nature. It may not be the most sensible thing to do, but I decided to pay for a 30-dollar subscription on Catholic Match to have someone who can usher me back to the faith. No I wasn’t in search of a boyfriend. I wanted nothing more than someone to talk to, someone to guide me. I found it in a single 29-year old Irish man. I was learning a lot from him, but was also getting a lot of male attention on the site. In March 2016, I finally quit my job and my days though uncertain were happier. On my last few days at the firm, Catholic Match beat the daily humdrum–apart from messaging with the Irish on a stable basis, I would also respond to messages from male strangers from time to time, and send messages to random males out of boredom. I wasn’t keeping track of my message box when someone I messaged from two days ago replied to my one-liner: “Novak just won his sixth Miami title!!!”