Traumas and the Talk

The thing people do not speak about: post-traumatic stress SUPost sent a rejection e-mail today, and trivago a week ago. Flashback to 8 months prior–I was packing my things back home to the Philippines, and making sure I leave Japan without any loose thread. I took care of pending bills, and the mandatory pension I will … More Traumas and the Talk

9 months

Dear Malachite, First off let me greet you Happy 9th TCM Day! It used to surprise us how deeply we’re connected despite knowing each other for a relatively short period. Just couple of days from when we started doing voice calls, we both felt that we’ve known each other for a while. Two months later, … More 9 months

Promise ring

No shocker this post is about a promise ring, but it’s not just about any promise ring. It is a  diamond ring sent from Kentucky to Manila, paid for in Texas. You see we’re living in a borderless world. Dec 2, 2016 Manila–The morning after I got back home from my two-week vacation in Singapore, my … More Promise ring

When in Singapore

I am here at the Study Lounge of the National Library of Singapore trying to make my day a little more productive by stepping out of my aunt’s place. A little less than two weeks ago I flew to Singapore without an itinerary and, much less, a clear reason why am I jet-setting—if you may … More When in Singapore

What’s up?

Malachite and I have both been caught up with a lot of things lately which explains why our blog has seen no progress for almost 2 months. Malachite has been busy with school, and I have been helping him as best as I could. He’s been getting good marks for which I am very proud, whereas I pushed deep in … More What’s up?

Number 1 Fan

My Celeste, As I head off to bed here soon I just wanted to tell you that I am your number 1 fan and that I support you in all your endeavors. 🙂 Go get them sweetie ❤ I know you can do this because you’re such an amazing person. 🙂 Love always your Malachite … More Number 1 Fan