9 months

Dear Malachite, First off let me greet you Happy 9th TCM Day! It used to surprise us how deeply we’re connected despite knowing each other for a relatively short period. Just couple of days from when we started doing voice calls, we both felt that we’ve known each other for a while. Two months later, … More 9 months

His cheerleader

“Every LDR couple know it is difficult, but if both of you genuinely want it, you’ll find ways to make your relationship work…and you become creative too!” Yesterday afternoon, Malachite battled out two 5.0-level men’s doubles matches in an amateur USTA tennis tournament together with his tennis buddy JF. I probably am more frantic than he is … More His cheerleader

I just turned 24! And here’s how I celebrated it…

By now I’ve gotten used to placing 23 in the “Age” box and saying the same when asked. Yesterday (8th of September) I officially turned 24 and so I have to retrain my brain to assume so. No pressure, I have a year to do some reorientation XD CHANGES OVER THE YEARS From when I was young to … More I just turned 24! And here’s how I celebrated it…

Three big words

Today I heard the words that I shall remember forever. Malachite finally said it to me. The tone, volume, intonation–everything in the way he said it for the first time is etched in the deep corners of my brain. I can hear it play in my head exactly how he uttered them, and every time it makes … More Three big words

Am I ready?

THE BRITNEY SPEARS SYNDROME A.K.A. THE “LUCKY” I’ve never had a boyfriend, and in three days I will turn 24. It no longer surprises me that this fact surprises people. I have gotten too many “No kidding?” and “You gotta be lying!” to react any differently. In fact I have crafted the best answer when I deal … More Am I ready?

When you find a man who does these, never let him go

THROUGH IT ALL My trivago application has been keeping me busy lately. So far, the circumstances that have gone along with it have not been the most ideal: I failed in my attempt to record myself for the first unsupervised interview (online); I had to deal with the typhoon; with stress and meagerly rest daily (2-3 hrs/day) I easily went down with German measles … More When you find a man who does these, never let him go

This is our story

In our call a few days ago, Malachite and I read our previous Skype exchanges from 4 months ago, and were amazed by how much we’ve progressed in our relationship! Although we are not officially together yet, there’s no denying that we have indeed gotten very close to one another in over a little less than 5 months. … More This is our story